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From the Camera of Tony Laidig

RE: Photographing the Natural Beauty Around Us…

There is no form of photography that offers an escape from the stresses of life more than Nature Photography. It is my personal favorite form of expression! There is something magical about connecting with the natural world visually. I believe we’re wired that way. Native American traditions even go so far as to refer to the natural world around us as our Mother, and that we’re related to all living things including the trees, animals and everything else. Whether we choose to embrace that world view or not, there is still (and always will be) a curious draw toward the natural beauty we see and experience in our home, Planet Earth. Capturing those experiences and expressions of beauty photographically is a natural, and sometimes compelling, response to remember, but also to share those memories.

There is something about butterflies...

“Unfortunately, what you see isn’t always what you get!”

It’s likely that there have been times when you saw a beautiful sunset or rainbow, the perfect rose or a white-tail deer feeding along the road. You snapped a bunch of photos, but when you looked at them later, they just didn’t capture the magic of the moment you experienced. In “Photo Nature Secrets,” you will discover how to turn your nature photo disappointments into treasures that will warm your heart, and the hearts of others, for years to come!

It's impossible to NOT be captivated by a gorgeous sunset!

Introducing: “Photo Nature Secrets!”

“Photo Nature Secrets” is a 4-part video series that focuses exclusively on photographing the wonders of the natural world around us and profiting from those photographs. Whether you love photographing gorgeous landscapes or shooting close-ups of butterflies and flowers, this course will reveal how to improve the results you achieve with your camera.

  • In Video #1, “Profit Strategies,” we will look at the best ways to profit from Nature and Landscape photography. We will look at the most popular online and offline options, share specific tools, marketing strategies for selling and much more.
  • In Video #2, “Up Close and Personal,” we will zoom into the close-up world of Macro Photography. If flowers, animals and bugs are your passion, you will LOVE this webinar! We will look at the best equipment, lighting ideas and methods for capturing close-up photographs that you’ll be proud to show and sell. This is one of my own personal loves!
  • In Video #3, “Sweeping Vistas,” we will explore Landscape photography in it’s various forms. We will discuss the huge role “time of day” plays in getting the best show, how filters can enhance your end result, angles and perspectives, the best lenses and exposure settings to achieve the results you want and much more.
  • In Video #4, “Exploring the Extraordinary,” we will dive into experimental Nature and Landscape Photography. We will discover the best tricks for shooting photographs at night, capturing lightning and storms, star trails and planets, and more! We will also look at turning bland looking color photos into extraordinary B&W masterpieces, HDR Image Processing and more!

As a member of the course, you will also have access to the Members-Only Facebook Group where you can interact with the other members, ask questions, share your Nature photos and post your homework assignments (yes, there will be homework)!

Insects present some of the most curious photo opportunities!

“Most of the techniques I’m sharing work equally as well with all digital cameras!”

If you LOVE photographing the great outdoors, this is the perfect series for you. In this video series, I share my own personal photography techniques for capturing the beauty of nature, drawn from years of experience and enjoyment! Whether your passion is to photograph butterflies and flowers, birds and animals or landscapes and scenics, you will definitely discover new ways to improve your nature photography and take it to the next level in this course!

You will discover how to capture amazing specialty photographs!

As we discuss the different areas of how you can improve your own Nature Photogaphy, you will discover the best strategies related to:

  • Lighting and Time of Day
  • Exposure, Framing and Getting the Perfect Shot
  • Best and Essential Equipment for Successful Photos
  • Dealing with Bad Weather and Its Surprises
  • Stacking the Deck for Capturing Amazing Shots
  • Digital Darkroom Techniques to Make the Ordinary Look Amazing
  • And MUCH More!
Great animal photos require patience, timing and a bit of luck!

Listen…anyone can occasionally capture an awesome looking Nature photo. Through your participation in “Photo Nature Secrets,” however, you will understand how to consistently snap amazing photographs of landscapes, animals, flowers and more. No more guesswork…no more hoping the pictures turn out…no more making excuses for why your photographs don’t look as gorgeous as the natural wonder you witnessed live! By the end of the series, you will definitely be shooting better Nature photos!


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