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From the Camera of Tony Laidig

RE: Making Money with Your Camera…

With the economy the way it is these days, you have probably found that making ends meet can be challenging. Good jobs are scarce, and even if you are fortunate to find one, there is little freedom or job security. Then there are home-based businesses. I’m not seeing you creating your dream life mailing out thousands of envelopes, transcribing medical stuff or even trying your hand at affiliate marketing. There is no doubt about it…generating some extra cash (let alone starting a dream-creating business) can be extremely challenging. There is nothing worse than to feel helpless against the system that seems to hold you trapped in a space of “not enough.”

Shoot Gorgeous Scenics

Sometimes, however, your answer is right there in
your hands if you have “eyes” to see it!

When I was 14-years-old, I discovered photography. Equipped with my Great-Grandmother’s Kodak 126 Instamatic, I spent countless hours taking photos of everything I could in the little town I grew up in. I enjoyed it. It was something I was good at! When I graduated high-school, my parents talked to me about what I wanted to do with my life. My response? I wanted to be a photographer! Their response, however, took the wind out of my sales quickly. “That’s all well and good, but we think you need to find a real job. There’s a reason for the saying, “starving artist.” I was SO disappointed! Well, the “real” job I ended up in was working as a janitor at the local newspaper. I thought it was just a dead-end job working for minimum wage. But after I had been working there for a few months, I decided to take a chance and show the Editor some of my photos. They offered me my first photo assignment. That was 30 years ago and I’ve been taking pictures ever since! Let’s just say that I proved Mom and Dad wrong!

Culture & Crafts Are Popular

So what does all this have to do with you making more money? Plenty!

You see, over the past 30 years, I’ve learned a LOT about how to take the kinds of photos that sell. The truth is that there is a HUGE, MASSIVE demand for quality photographs of all types, and people are willing to pay for them. Through trial and error, I’ve discovered which types of photographs sell and which ones don’t. I’ve uncovered the best ways to profit from photography-based products, and I’ve mastered the technology and know-how it takes to succeed create PROFESSIONAL-LOOKING photographs like the ones you see in magazines.

After a LOT of arm-twisting from friends and professional acquaintances, I have decided to reveal everything I’ve learned about profiting with photography in a brand-new video series! And the BEST thing about this series is that ANYONE can discover how to profit with their camera…ANYONE!

The Pet Market Is HUGE!
Introducing, “Photo Profit Secrets!”

Section One: Photo Profit Essentials

In this 6+1-Video series, you will discover:

  • Module One – People: Capturing the Special Moments of our lives is something we are each compelled to do. Unfortunately, few people understand how to create photographs that match the moment or how we remember it. In this module, we go in-depth into how to turn your “snapshots” of people, family and friends into memorable works of art. We will also explore how to photograph “posed” shots of people in a way that makes them appear relaxed and natural…a key skill for portraiture, wedding photography, children and more!
  • Module Two – Nature: I have yet to meet one person who isn’t drawn to photograph nature in some form or another…whether it’s snapping a photo of the day’s gorgeous sunset or capturing the beauty of flowers in the garden at home. The question is, how do you create images that truly showcase the beauty that Nature offers in a consistent, breathtaking way? In this module, we explore the secrets to capturing stunning photographs of the greatest subject available to us today…the great outdoors!
  • Module Three – Architecture: Sir Geoffery Jellicoe said, “Architecture is to make us know and remember who we are.” There is so much truth in that statement, which is why we are often drawn to photograph man-made structures. Capturing their inspiration can be challenging, however, due to the size and scale of the structure we construct. In this module, we discuss how to best capture man’s greatest expressions of existence and how to create compelling photographs that showcase man’s ingenuity and reflection of who we are.
  • Module Four – Indoor: Chances are likely that you’ve wanted to shoot photographs indoors in average or low-light and have been disappointed with the results. In this webinar, we look at how to capture great-looking indoor photos, using your flash or supplemental lighting, high ISO’s and much more!
  • Module Five – Street: Street photography is compelling for a number of reasons…perhaps the biggest being that it provides us with the opportunity to capture life as it happens. Every day we see examples of the human condition…happy, sad, fleeting…and capturing those moments, while rewarding, can be extremely challenging. In this webinar, we talk about how to succeed with street photography, how to avoid privacy issues, when to ask permission and the best equipment to use for the most rewarding results.
  • Module Six – Still Life: We all love to display our stuff. Whether we are interior designers, advertising experts or just someone wanting to create a “mood” or point of focus at home, there is an art to displaying objects in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and that showcases the object or objects we’re drawing attention to. In the “Still Life” webinar, we get intimate with the best ways to photograph objects for design, framed art, product creation and more!
  • BONUS Module – Video: Most digital cameras these days come equipped with the ability to shoot video, even including our smartphones. The “Essentials” series would be incomplete without exploring the best ways to capture video using our cameras and how to maximize the results we achieve. We’ll look at video formats, sound and the best ways to capture it, the edit process and more!

    Informal Photographs of People Can Be Very Powerful

    Section Two: Photo Profit Secrets

    In This 6-Video series, we cover:

    • The 10 TOP Photography Subject Strategies you need to pay attention to for the biggest cash opportunities! The Subject Strategies reveal which types of photographs can make you the most cash and which ones do not. For example…as much as I LOVE flower photos, they didn’t make this list! As a matter of fact, I can guarantee that a few of the money makers on the list will surprise you!
    • The 10 TOP Photography Market Strategies you can use to increase your photo profits quickly! The Market Strategies unlock your photograph’s true money-making potential. Taking the “right” picture is the FIRST part of your success strategy, but HOW you use it determines how much cash you’ll make!
    • The 10 TOP Photography Production Strategies that will take your photos from boring snapshots to professional-looking photos people want to buy! The Production Strategies are the icing on the cake in this series because they are the “juice” behind turning average-looking pictures into amazing, extraordinary photographs people want to purchase.

    In order to capture the types of photographs that are easy to sell, you need to understand HOW to capture them. As you would imagine, there are secrets to creating great photographs, and once you know those secrets, you cannot unlearn them. In “Photo Profit Secrets,” I will be revealing the top secrets I’ve discovered in these 10 key areas, including:

    • Lighting Secrets: Proper lighting is the KEY to all great photography
    • Posing Secrets: We will look at posing options that shift your photos from average to awesome
    • Lens Secrets: Choosing the right lens can make or break a shot
    • Composition Secrets: Bringing focus and attention to your subject requires smart composition
    • Processing Secrets: Just as in a darkroom, post-processing of your photos enhance the beauty already there
    • Exposure Secrets: What is a proper white balance and the best ISO?
    • Equipment Secrets: In addition to using the best camera you can afford, Photography can also require additional equipment
    • Market Research Secrets: Knowing which types of photos are selling will make or break your business
    • Marketing Secrets: You can have all the great photographs you need, but if you don’t understand how to market them…no profit
    • Joint Venture Secrets: Partnering with others can ensure an ongoing profit stream with your photography
    Faith and Culture Offer Powerful Visuals

    Section Three: Photo Nature Secrets

    In This 4-Video series, we focus on:

    • In Video #1, “Profit Strategies,” we will look at the best ways to profit from Nature and Landscape photography. We will look at the most popular online and offline options, share specific tools, marketing strategies for selling and much more.
    • In Video #2, “Up Close and Personal,” we will zoom into the close-up world of Macro Photography. If flowers, animals and bugs are your passion, you will LOVE this webinar! We will look at the best equipment, lighting ideas and methods for capturing close-up photographs that you’ll be proud to show and sell. This is one of my own personal loves!
    • In Video #3, “Sweeping Vistas,” we will explore Landscape photography in it’s various forms. We will discuss the huge role “time of day” plays in getting the best show, how filters can enhance your end result, angles and perspectives, the best lenses and exposure settings to achieve the results you want and much more.
    • In Video #4, “Exploring the Extraordinary,” we will dive into experimental Nature and Landscape Photography. We will discover the best tricks for shooting photographs at night, capturing lightning and storms, star trails and planets, and more! We will also look at turning bland looking color photos into extraordinary B&W masterpieces, HDR Image Processing and more!

    You see, I’m NOT going to just teach you how to profit using your camera…I’m taking you MUCH further. I am ALSO going to share proven methods you can use to get the most out of your camera and photographs!

    Formal & Informal Business and Media Portraits


    Food Photos Are In High-Demand

    Can I REALLY Make Money From My Photographs?

    Listen…it’s easy to be skeptical about whether you can truly earn money by taking photographs. Perhaps you’re thinking, “Yeah Tony, it’s easy for you because you’ve been doing it for 30 years.” Or maybe you thought, “You haven’t seen MY photos…they’re horrible!” Or even, “I don’t have a high quality digital camera, so this will not work for me.”

    These are ALL just excuses to keep you from profiting with your camera!

    I have found that the best way to succeed at ANY skill or venture I want to master is to partner with someone who already does that skill well. And THAT is the opportunity I am offering you today! I have been profiting from photography in many different arenas for years. Look at the photos on this web page. They were all taken by me, and I can show you how to achieve the SAME great results! Of course, taking great photographs isn’t enough. You ALSO need to know WHERE and HOW to sell them. I’ll reveal these SECRETS as well!

    Capturing Moments the Way We Remember Them

    Let me ask you a question…How much did you pay for your digital camera? Depending on the brand, model and features, it’s likely that you paid around $200 at the low end and upwards of $2,000 or more on the high-end if you own a DSLR. Why would you invest THAT MUCH money into a piece of technology that has such HUGE potential to earn you additional cash to use for whatever you desire and NOT try to profit from it? It’s crazy if you think about it! It’s like having your very own ATM machine full of cash right there in your house. All you have to do to access the thousands of dollars in the ATM is to punch in the 4-digit code and you get the money. The problem is that you don’t know the code.

    I Know the Code!

    In “Photo Profit Secrets” I will reveal ALL the strategies and secrets I know and use so that you can turn your camera into a working ATM machine…seriously! And the BEST news is that, once you’ve learned these secrets, you cannot unlearn them. They’re yours forever!

    People LOVE Their Vehicles!

    So…by know you’re probably wondering what type of investment it will require to learn how to truly profit from your photographs. Let me ask you, “What is the value of 30 years worth of tried and true experience?” The motto for my photography business is simple, “Capturing Moments the Way We Remember Them!” Everyone deserves to create amazing stories with their photos, whether they’re for personal use or to sell, and that’s why I’ve decided to put this Webinar Series well within the reach of everyone who is ready for a change in their circumstances.

    When you consider that you have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on buying a digital camera and all the accessories that go with them, spending $197 to learn how to make money from that equipment investment would be a no-brainer. But what if I told you that, you will not have to invest $197 to gain access to all 6 live webinar trainings? For just $197, you can join me as I share the BEST shooting strategies, the BEST market strategies and the BEST production strategies for taking and selling professional-looking photos! It’s a one-time investment with a payoff reward that will last a lifetime!


    “On-Location Photoshoot with Tony” Video Series

    When you register for the “Photo Profit Secrets” webinar series, you will also qualify to receive exclusive access to a brand-new, on-location video series I am producing on how to get the MOST out of your photography sessions. I’ll take you with me out into the wilds of nature, to conferences, in my garden and even in my studio to show you exactly how I prepare and set-up the photographs I shoot. I will EVEN show you how to get the best photographs from your iPhone! Only the attendees of “Photo Profit Secrets” will gain access to these invaluable video trainings at no additional cost! These videos will be released concurrently with the webinar series! You will not want to miss them!

    You’ll ALSO gain access to the NEW “Tech Series” where we’ll explore the technical aspects of photograph:

    • Tech Video One – Cameras: We’ll take a look at the different types of cameras available, like the point-n-shoots, ILC (interchangeable lens compacts) cameras and DLSR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras. We’ll also explore the best lenses to invest in to achieve the photographic success you desire.
    • Tech Video Two – Gear: In this video, we’ll examine the photography gear essentials you’ll need to succeed with your camera. We’ll talk about tripods, filters, memory cards and special gadgets that expand the capabilities of your camera.
    • Tech Video Three – Lighting: Photography cannot happen without light. So in this video, I will reveal the best lighting options available to you, as well as when and how to use them. We’ll look at your on-camera flash, external flash units, LED and fluorescent lighting, studio flash, “hot” lights, the role of White Balance and much more!
    • Tech Video Four – Exposure: You can have the best camera gear in the world, but if you don’t understand exposure, it will not do you one bit of good for producing amazing photographs. In this video, I cover what exposure is, how it works, the difference between exposure modes, depth of field, ISO, time lapse exposure and more!
    • Tech Video Five – Post Processing: Gone are the days of hanging out in a darkroom to create the final photographs you desire from your shots. Today we have amazing digital tools that provide us with incredible control and flexibility to process our raw images. In “Post-Processing,” we’ll explore the best software tools, like Apple Aperture, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and other specialty software tools, like those that allow us to create HDR images and special effects.
    • Tech Video Six – Organization and Workflow: When you take LOTS of photographs (and you should be), managing all those files can become quite challenging. Don’t believe me? Try finding that “one” photo out of the 100K photos you took in the past 6 months. In this video, we look at tools that make organizing your photos and workflow easier and more productive, which means you’ll have more time to take photos!

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      The opportunities to profit with your camera are nearly limitless IF you know: WHAT photographs to take, HOW to take them so they look amazing, and WHERE to sell them. In “Photo Profit Secrets,” you will discover those answers and MORE!

      Nature Can Provide Amazing Photo Opportunities